i got a visitor! Simpletim came by to check out the new car
wanted to see how she looked as a vamp
not bad.. might keep it.

here is Maya's new fella, Kurt. its kinda funny. not ha ha funny, just weird funny.
so maya as we know came from china, i didnt make her. kurt i did make, but i made him a long time ago and he was just sitting in some town i used to test something and forgot about.

well simpletim, who was maya's roomate nd best friend, died in a horrible fire. he also had a dog. maya survived the fire (barely) and inherited his home and dog.

ok so kurt, is a chinese sim i made to use a townie. ive plopped him down in many towns, but never really played him. he had 2 dogs. a pit bull and a dalmation.

was cleaning up some old saves when i thought 'hey i dont need that save game, il just grab kurt and throw him in with maya.

turns out kurt is a firefighter. and he and may are 10/10 attracted to each other. isnt it funny how things work out sometimes?

2 chinese sims, both with dogs, one who was devestated by fire, the other a firefighter.

its like the watcher meant for them to be together LOL :P


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