my macho pencil

i found a colored pencil in the drawer earlier today. its a nice big fat one with all different colors swirled together. but since its so think, i dont have a pencil sharpener big enough to fit it into.

then i remembered, my dad used to use a knife to sharpen pencils. i dont think we even owned a pencil sharpener when i was a kid. i can remember when i needed to sharpen pencils and my dad wasnt around (i wasnt allowed to use a knife) i had to bite the off the wood around the lead with my teeth.

so i got one of my pocket knives (one that my dad gave to me, coincidentally)  and i start sharpening this huge ass pencil. and im musing, as i carved, as how manly it is to just hack away at a pencil with a knife.

no no, pencil sharpeners are way too mainstream for me. i sharpen my pencils like a real man. WITH A KNIFE. and i had a sort of new macho view of my dad. what a manly man he must have been. then i felt kinda manly too.

im like wow im so macho.. cutting this pencil with a knife like a badass.. then i looked down at my pocket knife and noticed all the shavings and rainbow sprinkles all over it.
yep.. nothing more macho than a big ol rainbow pencil hahaha


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