elder scrolls online

the NDA has been lifted! we are allowed to talk about the game now :D i will share a few pics that i managed to get in there. (i didnt take too many cause of nda).

 this is my orc dragon knight. shes actualy pretty! dragon knight is pretty cool, its like an all in one badass machine. tank/dd, any kind of heavy fighting type class you want to make

 this is my khajiit templar. hes my favorite  <3

 the landscapes are beautiful. i had the graphics cranked up pretty high, and i got no lag. everything runs nice and smooth

 my templar again. templars are kinda like paladins. its a warrior/healing class. but in true elder scrolls fashion, all classes can be customized to your liking

hes a hunky shirtless khajiit lol

i also played an argonian mage, i guess i forgot to get her picture
mage is alot of fun too. plus, mages get to summon deadric critters to fight by their side. you start off with a scamp and you can level him up and morph the spell to get stronger creatures.

the spell morphing system is kinda neat. if you use a skill alot, it levels up, and when it gets to a certain level you can morph it (if you have a skill point)

you get to choose how you want the skill to grow, so you can really  get a very unique character.

and all the classes are like that, not just mage. i tried the ninja class, but i didnt really like it. im not sure an mmo is the appropriate place for sneaking and stealth. well, not for a pve-er lol

i just didnt care for it. maybe after they implement the dark bortherhood and thieves guilds ill reconsider.

but im very happy so far with dragon knight, templar, and sorcerer.


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