well im back

kinda. having pc troubles again. i just cant catch a break it seems. so the uber game rig i just got like a year ago went pthhh on me about a month ago. power supply fried -_-.
so im computerless again.  didnt have any internet on my lappy so i havnt been able to get online. didja miss me??...... whats that? didnt even notice i was gone?? *_*
well i am online again at least, but my gaming rig is still down.
when supernatural is RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME my pc turns on me:(

hopefully i can get it up and running again soon.  well in the meantime, its good to be back ^_^


  1. Welcome back ... we did miss you! Hope you get your computer sorted soon. 

  2. Welcome back! I was wondering where you had gone off to!


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