i feel like im missing out

there is so much happening in the sims world right now, and im like totaly left behind. the official site is just depressing. all the new features and addons and eps that i wont be able to get for who knows how long.
this sucks.

the one place in the world i thought i belonged, and its left me in the dust. .... *sigh*

back to skyrim i guess


  1. That's no blooming good at all.  I hope you have an ETA on a new computer.  Your sims will be glad to get you back.  Goodness only knows what they get up to when we're not watching over them!  On the plus side, by the time you're back in simming action, any new bugs and issues might have been worked out :)

  2. oo  yeah thats always a plus. :) and all my fav mods will be updated and stable by then


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