so we were evacuated from our home today

the rain we have been having, plus the hurricane, plus MORE rain, and our teeny little Susquehanna river simply cannot hold it all. the water has spilled out over the flood walls and the entire region is underwater. some places are really bad. my house is still dry, thank goodness. we came back to the house after a day of being in the red cross shelter. the news said the worst of it was probably over, and since our house wasnt flooded yet, we figured it was safe to come back. so its been a real fun week


  1. Oh my goodness :( I'm glad you and your family are ok. Also glad that the house is untouched.

  2. Glad everything's alright on your end, Zeri. I had just read about the flooding today, and wasn't sure if you were close to that area or not. 

  3. Glad to hear you made it through without damage.  What storm was it?  We had Lee in the beginning of the week, and managed to keep the water out of the house, but just barely.

  4. our neighborhood made it somehow, but alot of the neighboring towns didnt fare so well. we are right next to the river too, pretty much. but its downhill a bit from here. other areas where the river is more or less level with the houses, they are all fucked

  5. Hey Zeri! Glad you're alright. Just stopping by to check up on you. 


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