enjoying hidden springs

This just might be my favorite town. aside from the usual issue i have with towns, EA towns especialy (no space for custom lots, or EP lots) this town has the most perfect ambience and scenery i have ever seen.

this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as beautiful vistas go. i havent explored everywhere yet but omg what a fantastic town.

i didnt make my own sim to check things out, i decided to just grab a local and make the best of it. could be fun. so i found this lonely lady.

Francisca Vanderburg. i of course gave her a little makeover.

 shes no beauty queen, but i think shes just adorable. or should i say 'adorkable'?

 speaking of odorkable, i noticed that liam o'dourke is wandering around this town, and i didnt put him there.. yeah so EA PUT him in thei town, and actualy changed his name to O'Dourke.. i found that hilarious.

 there is also these strange green people.. i find them intriguing

 these two apparently shop out the of the same catalog.

 here is francisca talking ot her very handsome brother at a party

the sexy fireman. does he just say 'yep, im the man.'
after finding no eligible bachelors around town, i decided to set fran's house on fire. easy way to meet single firemen! lol


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