Kingdom Come screenshots

well DUH i forgot steam had its own screenshot thingy, so i went back in and got a few.

 this  is my view outside the inn room where im staying. its just becoming dawn now

 a little bit of the town

 my horse, Pebbles. isnt she cute?

 crossing a river. i love how the hooves make a different sound on the wood

 one of the neat things in this game is when you look down, you dont just see the ground, you see your body. and look on the road there, horse crap! nice touch

 passed by a pasture with some cattle grazing

 coming up on that monastery i mentioned

 i love the red stone, it looks really nice

 they are doing some renovations, it seems.

just some medieval brick-a-brak. i swear these pictures dont even go the game justice. it looks so fucking fantastic 'in person.'


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