well i sorta fixed chroma

i took chroma into the mirror at work this time, wondering if maybe that would make a difference. so far it seems to be sticking, so im going to try to avoid the mirror forever i guess. her face isnt exactly the same at it was before, now she is just a brown version of her alien form but its close enough

 steve-o got himself a rock climbing wall. hes been having some fun with that. (and i been having fun watching him fall off of it hehe)

 steve and his best buddy whatshisname. ahh a floating book!

 steve has the most humiliating work outfit ever

 i told steve to skinny dip in the hot tub, so he got naked. it wasnt raising his fun fast enough so i tried the pool.. to my surprise, he was still naked.

 then he went in to listen to some tunes. STILL NAKED. uhm, did you forget something steve?

 chroma is pregnant!

 the front door for some reason. sometimes i take pics with  something in mind and then by the time i post it i forget

 this is their first child, Eric. what a cutie pie! hes a little bastard tho. always being bad and his parents are too busy working to ever reprimand him. well the heir is my daughter's problem not mine haha

 steve manages to get a little potty training into his busy schedule.

 we have an aspiring dancer on our hands!

 chroma had another baby right after the first one. this one is a girl, Wikked.

 spontaneous combustion is real. chroma was just sitting here and burst into flames! (shes fine now)

and here is little Wikked. shes a cutie too! they have tried several more times to get another baby but so far no luck. steve is aging rapidly, so i want to get those heirs out as soon as possible.


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