ooh the drama

i love my sims, man haha. there is more drama than a soap opera goin on in my game :P

i didnt feel like playing any of my established families, so i started fresh. made a family with two kids, cause i wanted some genetics goin into the game. didnt do any money cheats, just moved them into a starter house and plan on moving each gen heir into an new house (if they can afford it) rather than keep a legacy home. i figure ill get less bored this way.

so got rather attached to the eldest child, and decided she was my choice. met a few cute guys online, and one in particular caught her eye. after chatting a bit, soon realized the jerk is already married (with 2 kids even)

so she went off to college! her family was flat broke and if she was going to move out on her own she was going to need a serious career boost. she keeps chatting with the married guy while she is there (but they are just friends)

she gets her degree and comes home. still making piddle squat, and the 2 bedroom starter house is getting a little bit too small for her parents, little brother, and her. desperate to move her out now, but the family finds are only 8k

snowflake day arrives! she gets invited over to married guys house for a party. its a house boat, and its delightful.
chatting him up and being friendly when i get the notice that married guy is asking her to move in with him!

ah this never happens! i couldn't believe it! and how could i say no? cramped little 2 bedroom with mom and dad, or kicking houseboat?
so i moved in with him and his wife and kids. and thats when it got really interesting.

the ol ball and chain was cramping my style, so i had my sim flirt with him right in front of the wife. she predictably gets pissed, slaps him, and the marriage is over. i kick her and the kids out, and its just me and jerkface alone on a houseboat.

a few days later they were married. she works on her career a bit, and i completely forget to check his age. he had a teenage daughter when i moved in, so he was getting on in years. soon after the wedding he aged to elder.

and since i have settings on my mod to prevent elders from breeding, i couldnt try for any heirs, no matter how many settings i fiddled with.

eh, he had a big ugly nose anyway. noticed that one of his interaction was 'confess to cheating' even tho im pretty sure he only cheated on his previous wife, not his current one. i did it anyway.
my sim got made and wanted to beat him up. she started a fight and he won. well, that woman beater was tossed out before he could say 'holy shit the bitch just stole my houseboat'

so newly single, got a beautiful houseboat all to myself, and moving up in my career. but times is a wasting now, gotta start crapping out kids!

went to the arcade feeling all depressed and had a fling with a guy in the bathroom. ding ding, somebody is pregnant! so now we get to raise a baby alone. on our free houseboat :)

LOL i love my game


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