been busy

and i have so many screenies! lost my old keyboard  and got a new one (that i hate) but the printscreen button works at least.

so without further adoodoo, my latest black desert pics

 hangin in my house

 i discovered that if you back into something you can sit on it

 my majestically fluffy tier 4 horse. her name is nebula

 made a ranger. she was cute as hell, but i found the combat kind boring so i deleted her

 got LadyT a new outfit

 and my tier 6, Storm! the highest tier horse currently is 7, so shes is a pretty great horse. but im currently breeding up for another t6

 t5, farfegnugen. hes such a lovely horse i dont mind that hes only t5. he and storm came from the same parents

 sold my one house at elda farm and moved all my stuff to florin

 its nice and cozy.

 bad dog!

 got another fluffy t4! her name is Pikachu. i seem to only get female t4s

 nebula and farfegnugen pulling my wagon

 just made this toon. shes a maewha, or the female blader class. so far shes SO much fun

she just might end up replacing my current main. but ill still need ladyt for horse breeding for now anyway, since her skill is higher
but zeridwyn is getting there eventually :)


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