got a few

not great tho, cause its REALLY hard to get my capture program to work right with that damn printscreen button.

 so here is me. im a tamer. im kind of like a martial artist. i do some sick sword play in battle. i havent learned how to tame anything yet tho.

this is my house! i finally found the perfect spot. its a delightful little farmhouse. it has a trader right on the property, a parking spot for my horse, and a pond in the backyard i can fish in. its everything i could want!

 my horse parked. (turnes out Ginger is a boy, whoops!) here he is in his little horse garage.

this is the inside. i dont have much furniture yet, but ill get more as the game progresses. i also learned that i can have up to 5 residences, so maybe ill have other houses someplace too

my little pond! there are monsters in and around the pond so i dont really afk fish there much, but i do like to fish there. this game is just gorgeous.

hell you can spend hours just riding your horse around, looking at everything.

i dont even have a boat yet, but i hope i can travel the oceans one day as well. there are traders on island and probably houses too.

i am having the best time


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