back to ESO- a long time since beta

elder scrolls online has gone buy to play! which means there is no sub now, you just buy the game and play away! just like guild wars. i loved ESO in beta but was afraid i just couldnt afford a sub.

then archage came out and you needed a sub to own land, so i canceled my cell phone and got a sub for that... well waste of time, since more than half the population of that game left already leaving it a wasteland... plus pvp just gets old after a while. there isnt enough pve content to keep me interested. not without other people around anyway.

but ANYWAY.. back to eso! ahh its good to be back! this game is great. its a fantastic mmo with all the things i like (except tameable pets, boohoo) with the lore of elderscrolls, which i am already very familiar with. so its like ... coming home. its new and different, but familiar and comfortable.. i love it!
so here is my dragon knight, D'Jeera. shes a sort of paladin build. heavy armor duel wield with a secondary heal staff. or maybe mage staff, havent decided yet.  boy its hot in here!

 tried a bow for a bit.. didnt suit her

 so there is this skeleton with a spear in his head just laying in the woods... interesting. ALL the way thru his head... damn

the scenery is just fucking amazing

 this is a tree/town in valenwood. there is literally a town inside this tree

 oops... who made it rain in here?

 hey this looks familiar! where did you send me, Sheogorath??

i found the lighting here to be so haunting. what a creepy place


  1. I haven't regularly in a while but I must get back into it. I love just wandering around, discovering stuff.


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