ugh. SO many broken store items

ya know, the sims 3 store has released soem pretty cool shit over the years.. too bad half of it doesnt work right.

there are so many thing i have to just avoid using because they either plain dont work or they fuck my game up. never had this problem  with any other content.. and since sims 3 is over i seriously doubt anyone will ever fix it..


i really still love my game, just wish it fucking worked right


  1. Hi Zeri! Hope things are going well. Nona Mena has a few mods that fix store content (you can find them at Simlogical). And Sydserious has the fountain fixes over there. Ani's mods are now hosted at NRaas and some of those fix store content.

  2. hmm ill check that out. i have store fixes from gamefortheworld, but the latest one screed up my ability to save my game so i rolled back to a previous one. perhaps one of these other sites has a better one.


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