calling all lovers of sandbox games, rpgs, harvest moon and the sims

i have mentioned in a few posts about the new mmo im playing called ArcheAge.

it is a truly great game, but its in danger of being destroyed by (well the very people who ALWAYS ruin games) the pvp halfwits, cheaters, hackers, and wow fanboys.

everyday i gotta listen to these sociopaths who claim 'pvp is what this game is all about' and insult everyone who actualy likes the game for its many other features. and these same asshats are the ones who bitch and complain when something doesnt go their way and they ragequit.

now, this game doesnt deserve to lose numbers because of these fuckwits. it also doesnt deserve these fuckwits at all. we need more quality game players in AA. this game has AMAZING potential, for the right audience, and i think those hardcore player killers are not the right audience.

pvp is a staple of damn near EVERY game nowadays. if that is all you are after, just reach into the mmo pool and grab one, any one will do.

AA is so much more. yes pvp is a great feature, and keeps the game thrilling and dangerous. but there is so much to the sandbox element. the crafting, the farming, owning land, doing trade runs, exploring, sailing, pirating!

if you or someone you know love games like this, consider giving AA a try. you may love it!
if you like simulator games, or rpgs, or anything like that. we need more quality people in AA.
farmers, merchants, explorers, mercenaries, hunters, gatherers, and even musicians!

its a blank world of opportunity.. an mmo that is what you make it.  this game can and will survive, we just need the right crowd to know about it. we got to get the word out there about this awesome game.


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