meet Serabi

was fooling around in creation kit and made a new custom follower (accidently erased my S'vala follower, and didnt have a backup :( ) well i made this one originaly to be her sister, now i guess she is her replacement.

i managed to get her to not have that stupid hunting bow, and i cranked up her stamina for carry capacity (altho i dunno how well that will really work) and shes marryable too :)

 This is my guy Rajah, and the original follower S'vala. she had some awesome custom weapons :(

 here is Serabi. pay no attention to the green lizard dog in the background. they both have custom hair, that was converted from the sims. if you are a skyrim player who uses mods, i highly recommend apachii skyhairs.

 her default location is dragonreach. its such a BIG place and people always put all their followers in the bannered mare; NOT a big place

 her battle stance lol. she uses forsworn armor and duel wields. i always love a duel wielding follower and there is only 2 vanilla ones to my knowledge. she has a thief-y build. she light armor, and has the light foot perk. she can also summon a wold familiar

im pretty proud of her ^^ especialy all the trouble it was to get her working haha.

i miss S'vala, but i have more depth in Serabi i think. shes got a better voice too


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