it just figures

we have all had out problems with the sims patches or EPs, im no exception. but for the most part, i havent had too many major issues that hindered gameplay. each time a new ep or patch comes out, i dread installing it because, i usualy JUST got everything working fine and i dont want it to get messed up again.

well now that i have ALL of the eps, stuff packs, and patches, my game is so screwed up and i cant fix it.. and there is NOT going to be any new patch or pack to come along and balance it out again.

im totaly screwed! ITF really screwed up my game. i love it tho, im not getting rid of it. the plumbots are so cool!! the holo pets are super awesome! i could go on and on. ITF- not negotiable.  the bugs it came with however.... i really wish there was an exterminator lol.

*sigh* so i spent my whole game having very little glitches (except after ambitions and i think pets, those glitches were HUGE) and now that its all over, im left with one great big one. i havent even tried uni yet, im almost afraid to. its in there, but i havent gone yet.

ive tried store fixes, removing mods, all kinds of crap and nothing seems to work.

and there is no more Twallan now either :'(
is it sad im actualy hoping EA releases another patch? (not like they ever really fix anything)


  1. I don't have ITF yet but I'm not looking forward to it given how much IP screwed up my game (had to add a few more mods for that one). University was actually surprisingly good other than the "lose everything when you travel" problem.

  2. hmm ill keep that in mind before i send my sims there. ill take whatever is important out of his pockets


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