well i found my daughter's origin, yay! now i can download showtime (and i  hope it doesnt ask me for the code cause the box is gone)

so hopefully ill be able to get all my sims updated today. i noticed on the hair blog that there are a few new nice ones too. aaand i got to update all my mods...

phew lots to do! and i have to figure out a way to get the Gravedigger family and my werewolves off my boyfriends pc and onto mine. uploading an entire town to any file sharing site is not going to work..

he said he would send them to me thru msn but i want it now!!!!! AHHH XD
O Tariq.... how i miss thee


  1. ack! tis crashing! now i must find the outdated mod and remove it. question is.. which one IS it??

  2. outdated nraas mod i missed ^_^. everything hunky dory now


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