wow we finaly did it

we had some bumps in the road, and some 2 faced deserters, but our guild Carnage, finaly got our guild base!! i took many many manhours of doing guild quests, and saving all our gold (doing midas touch quests and selling EVERYTHING we could get our hands on) but we won our bid and its ours!!!

 here is our base.. isnt it fantastic??

 this wierd creature was walking around,, didnt quite catch it in the shot

its at bare bones right now, but we can build it up. we are currently constructing a castle. soon we will have al sorts of structures and features.. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. Ooo grats! That creature is neat looking and the base scenery is very pretty :)

  2. go to hell
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  3. go to hell
    i am god sesert34

  4. go to hell
    i am god sesert34

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